Our company is dedicated to sales through the Internet, of different articles deriving from twenty years of experience of sales representations and import exports, in various commercial and industrial sectors, from July 2007 our company is also present with a sales store to the public dedicated to Weapons - Hunting -Tiro - Sport - Soft Air - Proffitten technical clothing.

Since 2021 we have abandoned Softair ammunition weapons and ammunition, to specialize with sales only through the Internet, on products of our import, night viewers - thermal viewers - optics - various accessories, hunting and not.



Start.z.point office

Via Sacile 17 - 33081- Aviano - Pordenone - Italy


Our goal is to provide our experience and our services to customers who want to trust with their purchases.


The Start.z.point brand is a brand of the Company Redco SNC for the sale of products on the Internet and via the public store




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